Welcome to Jananna Foods

Since 1940

Welcome to Jananna Foods, home of Albert's Famous Mexican hot sauce. Albert's has been a household name for hot sauce since 1940.

Although the name Jananna Foods may not be familiar to most, it is the umbrella company for the name Albert's Famous Mexican Hot Sauce, a name synonymous with great Mexican style hot sauce. Jananna Foods has been in existence since 1970, when the Morris family bought the famous hot sauce recipe from Jose Alberto Madariaga II (Albert), the original maker and owner.

At Jananna Foods we strive for quality and originality in our products and are always looking for new flavors to expand our horizons. Our newest product line is “Cactus Jacks Premium Salsa” - a sweeter blend, with plenty of bite, but also available in mild, medium, and hot for everyone's diverse tastes. Look for it in your favorite stores and ask for it by name.

We hope you enjoy our sauces as much as we do and encourage everyone to send us their favorite recipes using our products to try and recommend to our customers. Follow this link to try our recipes, or visit our store to buy our delicious hot sauce!